Aля Берлина (logophilka) wrote in brodsky,
Aля Берлина

Мой любимый размер

Можно совсем наивный вопрос: что это, собственно, за размер?

In the cold season, in a locality accustomed to heat more than
to cold, to horizontality more than to a mountain,
a child was born in a cave in order to save the world;
it blew as only in desert in winters in blows, athwart.

To Him, all things seemed enourmous: His mother's breast, the steam
out of the ox's nostrils, Caspar, Balthazar, Melchior -- the team
of Magi, their presents heaped by the door, ajar.
He was but a dot, and a dot was the star.

Keenly, without blinking, through pallid, stray
clouds, upon the child in the manger, from far away,
from the depth of the universe, from its opposite end – the star
was looking into the cave. And that was the Father’s stare.

(перевод автора)

Если не насиловать ударения, получается что-то прыгающее, особенно в первых строках. Это как-нибудь называется? Или все-таки насиловать? Или я неправильно читаю? А в оригинале, кажется, невинный амфибрахий, и разница в длине строк поменьше...
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